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11 Nisan 2015
10 Nisan 2015
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Sıfır Yerçekimi Bisiklet Organizasyonları, Erkek, 32, Nereden: İstanbul

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11 Nisan 2015
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    17 Aralık 1984 (Yaş: 32)
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    Organizasyon - Parkur tasarımı ve inşaası
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    I, Emrah OZBAY, could be considered as the creator and president of the group called Zero Gravity. I started riding bicycle 2 years ago, and in the mean time I prefered Extreme MTB as my style. I have searched for all the extreme competitions around the world and started bringing the ones that are suitable for us to Turkey.
    And after that I started contacting all the extreme mtb rider all around Turkey. At the moment I am managing the Zero Gravity group and dealing with the organisations. We are not an official team yet, we only have our Facebook fan page. This tournament will be like the advertising event for our team. Right now we are planning to attend to the UCI class DH tournaments in 2015. We have selected some riders for this event which whom we haven’t yet announced. I am the first rider in Turkey with the FBM World Tour license. I will be joining tournaments in FS and SS classes in 2015. We are a team that has the goal of advertising the DH/FR and Enduro class riding here in Turkey. Right now Michael Haltmeier from Rotwild Turkey is my main sponsor and we would very much like to expand our sponsorships. We would like to make the the riders forget about the previous perceptions of bike riding in Turkey. We are preparing a Mountain Biking Television Show with the consulting and the expertise of Michael Haltmeier. Mountain Biking is not a very common sports activity in Turkey and we would like to change that.
    If I need to tell about the race;
    Downmall is a traditional race that has been done in America and Russia. Right now the race that we are desinging and preparing will be the fourth race in the world. Since the shopping mall that we are working right now is PrimeMall shopping malls, the name of the race is PRIMEDOWNMALL. There are 3 races in October. First track will be in PrimeMall Iskenderun at October 25th. Following that the second track will be in PrimeMall Antakya at October 26th and the final will be in PrimeMall Gaziantep Republic Race at October 29th on our Republic Day. The contestant were invited to the race. We have 10 racers. The races will be against time. The racers will be lined by the lottery that is drawn by the manager of the shopping mall. Each track contains two runnings. The racers that are having technical difficulties at first running will have handle that issue untill the second running. The best tour time from the two runnings will determine the racers final point
    The races in October will be the first of the many races that we are planning. Right now we are making some arrangements with other shopping malls as well. And we are planning to make 15-20 races in Turkey, Germany and Greece in 2015. After the first race, the other races will not be invite-only, they will be open to everyone. Due to the size of the shopping malls 10 to 25 contestants will be chosen for those races.
    As Rotwild Turkey and Zero Gravity teams we are planning to make other races like UrbanHill in the near future. I am asking all the authorities to contact me, Emrah OZBAY, related to these races. We have lots of projects for all the circumstances and we are determined to make these races happen on the international platform with 2015

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