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Satıldı i need opionions advice for a sick toddler?

Konu, 'Yol Bisikleti İlan Arşivi' kısmında Epikawipibeme tarafından paylaşıldı.

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  1. Epikawipibeme

    Epikawipibeme Misafir

    monday night til tuesday morning my daughter (15 months old) was sick and vomiting. we were very careful with her diet all tuesday and into wednesday, she only had dry cereal, toast and bananas with pedialyte to drink. since she was doing so well i added eggs for an early dinner yesterday and since she handled that well i gave her a bottle of formula at bedtime then this morning around 4 she woke up sick again... so the question is did i rush into a normal diet or is she still sick and thus contagious?

    our doctor doesn't open til 8:30 and from there you need to wait for a call back, i am not terribly concerned about my daughter since she acts just fine like she has a typical stomach bug, but what i really need to know is do i still need to keep her separate from the other kids... again i'll call in to the doctor once they open but wanted some advice for before they get back to me, thanks
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