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İptal Edildi Bermuda Triangle riddle

Konu, 'Bisikletle İlgili Diğer İkinci El Ürünler' kısmında Viasperap tarafından paylaşıldı.

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  1. Viasperap

    Viasperap Misafir

    In the service of hundreds of years the area between Miami, Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda inexplicably consumes hundreds of lives. The commitment limits the Bermuda Triangle diverse ships bring about drifting without a crew, and reload more than undivided plane on this stretch of the Atlantic Abundance disappeared without a trace. Modern scientists arrange theories abound to illustrate the question of a strange place, but to this broad daylight do not know what's categorically taking place in this courtyard

    What is your conception about this?

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